Kenagro Suppliers LTD is focused

 on giving quality services to customers.


Kenagro Suppliers LTD looks forward

to be a committed chief supplier

and a provider of quality services

in current Kenya economic trade competition.

Philosophy and Principles

To meet customer requirement.

Satisfying customer right to product


Very fast delivery and services.


Understanding customer needs on

quality and services.


Recent News

With the current outbreak of army worms in the country, Kenagro Suppliers provides a unique product with rapid knockdown and long residual activity.


Bedlam 200SL is an insecticide for the control of bedbugs, fleas and cockroaches.

Bedlam has no smell, no sensitization, can be used in public places and no evacuation is required in places of use.

Kenagro Suppliers Limited provides a wide variety of herbicides both selective and non selective.Some of these hebicides include Kausha 480SL, Dryweed 396SL, Sonalan 520SC and many more.

Public health Herbicides




Pest and Diseases

Our Products

Crop Inspection in the field

We have a variety of products for your crops for the control of both pest and diseases. Visit the farmers section page to know which product to use when certain signs are noted on the crop.

We are dealers in the following:



Speciality Fertilizers

Agricultural Disinfectants


Our team has special experts who conduct  crop inspection on various parts of the country to research on any emerging issues concerning pest and diseases. We advice the farmers on the problems noted and the best solution to counter the problem.

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